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PC Optimization Tips.


PC optimization with registry cleaner!


Just like other people, you also might be the victim of slow operating system. But no worries! This is something that can be solved easily; all you have to do is to find out how to get rid of unnecessary files from your Windows registry in order to make your operating system function properly.

Windows registry is used to store information that might be needed later by your system or you. Registry consists of important information related to your applications and profiles of users that are present on your operating system. It also consists of information related to hardware and ports that are being used in your system.

Why should I clean my registry?

Cleaning registry is important because as your windows operating system starts getting older windows registry begins to keep information that is no longer valid or in use, Of course, you could always purchase newer, and faster computer hard drives from, but why shell out extra money that you donít have too? It is more likely that this might be because of:

[1] An application or a program that you uninstalled without using Add or Remove Programs would start creating problems. Most of the programs remove their files from registry but there are few files that remain there and the registry gets bloated.
[2] After installation or un-installation of a program, the file in the registry gets accumulated and Windows operating system starts crashing or gets slower.
[3] You installed and uninstalled lots of programs over the months and now you see that your windows starts acting funny.
[4] Major problems occurred when a file from registry disappears or gets corrupted.

This information overwhelms your registry and makes your PC function slower with error messages and system crashes. Therefore, you might notice that your systems takes time while loading and performs slower than usual, so the alternate solution to this problem would be to clean up your registry by using a registry cleaning software.

How do I clean my registry?

In order to get rid of this problem, RegCure Registry Cleaner can help you in removing any invalid registry entry on your PC and can provide you with many other outstanding features.

Features of RegCure Registry Cleaner:

Backup and Restore

RegCure Registry cleaners provides backup and restores features to any operating system that you wish to use, whether it is XP or Vista, you can prevent your system from backup files or restore points. And if you are using Windows ME or Windows 98 (SE) then RegCure creates a backup file every time a registry item is checked and cleaned.

Program Shortcuts

This software has the capability to find and remove incorrect shortcuts, which can cause your applications to run slower than usual.

Built-In Scheduler

RegCure has a scheduling feature, which can be automated and can make it execute its job any time you want. You can also assign it to work monthly, daily or few times in a week. All you have to do is just sit back, watch and relax while RegCure works for you.

You can set it to scan at system startup or assign it to work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

RegCure Registry Cleaner has many more features, like it can remove invalid class keys extensions and shell extensions, which make your PC slow down. Moreover, RegCure can also remove useless registry keys, which usually clog up and make your PC slower.

RegCure also removes invalid DLL files; this invalid Dynamic link library section can lead to hell and can case application failure, RegCure repairs this error and keeps you out of this mess.

Tips and Advice

Most important part is that if you are planning to remove any software from your system it would be a better approach that you use Add and Remove Programs function in the Control Panel provided by Windows operating system. This would remove all the files related to your application form the registry and hence would increase the life of your operating system.

You would get the best results if you use RegCure's best registry cleaner once in a month in order to make your operating system work efficiently and effectively.